June 17 2014, 8pm

Hey there, I have been having some serious trouble with my artwork lately. My boyfriend had referred me to your page during one of our skype calls; we happened to be talking about art. I have had a bamboo tablet for about two years now and haven't been able to produce original characters and ideas, plus inspiration and idea's has been very lacking. I want to be a graphic artist and designer as my career someday and I would love to hear anything you may have to offer, thanks =)

Tell him that was very nice of him!!

As for inspiration and motivation, i am on the same boat. I have a hard time with the consistency of my art style, as well as sticking to a character. I have noticed that finding art from other artists you enjoy is a great way to inspire yourself, as well as listening to music that makes you feel good! it’s a good idea to try and apply yourself with art challenges, you can find a lot of them on tumblr, and to stick to a schedule.

I would suggest picking at least one day every week or so to sit down and draw for at least 1 1/2 to 2 hours. Taking 5 to 10 minute breaks when needed. also planning out your art is a good idea, you’re more likely to be productive when you already have an idea of what you want.

For instance, i know i want to make fanart for frozen, and i know i really like the pairing of Kristoff x Anna. So now I have my subject, then i’ll do a bit of research on how i was to pose them, and what kind of feelings i want to convey with my art. So i’ll look up couple poses, and spend time sifting through my favorites. Then i start working, and set time limits for how long i spend on break and how long i spend on art.

It’s always fun to play music that originally gave you the feelings you wanted to convey in your art, that way you’re keeping the moral up. also cleaning your work space, and showering, and spending time with your interests will help! take yourself on artist dates, so that your environment doesn’t become stale!

These are all my general pointers, i could go on and on though. Thank you for your message, and if you need anymore questions answered, feel free to message me again!

If you’d like to request some specific subjects for me to reblog, i’m all ears!


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June 17 2014, 2pm

Hello, ive been having trouble with some sketching, ive been told that putting more energy into drawings will make them more appealing. can you please explain what this means? i also hear this applies to final pieces as well

When working with your art, it’s good to have a close connection to the subject matter, as well as to enjoy what you’re making. Yes, putting energy into your art tends to have a more desirable outcome. If you’re not sure what this means, then maybe i could word it differently.

Basically, if you just make a sandwich, it’ll taste fine. If you make a sandwich, and put the time into prepping it and season it well, then it will be an awesome sandwich.

The same applies to anything you do. The more time, effort, and feeling you put into it the better. If you’re having a hard time with your sketches, break them down into what you like, and don’t like.

Pardon for my language, but I’ve half-assed a lot of sketches in the past, and never been as pleased with them. I know i can do very well on my art, even sketches, but I chose to go the quick and easy route. When people tell you to put more energy into your work, they’re probably telling you to give it the little bit of umpf it needs. On the flipside, they could be trying to tell you that your poses/designs just aren’t conveying the right emotions/energy. If that is the case, i would suggest reading up on Dynamic poses, perspective, and anatomy. Those three go hand in hand, and are fundamentals of art.

If you’re still not sure, i can answer more questions!


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June 17 2014, 10am

your theme doesn't show any buttons to go to the next pages :(

Thank you for your feedback, I’ve changed the colors on multiple links, so now almost everything should be visible!

- Eli

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