February 17 2014, 3pm

I sent some asks a while back that were never answered, and i didn't want to say anything in case you were busy but it's frustrating because i feel ignored.

I’m sorry you feel ignored,if you think tumblr might not have sent the asks feel free to send them again. I am somewhat busy, so if i don’t answer your question right away wait a few days. if it isn’t answered by then, then i might be very busy or not have gotten it.

Right now i only have two asks, one about markers another about transition shots. I plan on answering these sometime this week or weekend. they’ve sat in the ask for a few days, because these are topics i’m not very familiar with so i had to ask people who are for answers. I assure you that i will answer them though.

Sorry if those aren’t yours, again if it’s not answered by a week or so then you might want to send it again.

Don’t feel bad for being concerned, i understand why you’d be frustrated, and i’m trying to keep up with my schedule and this blog. Sorry about that!

- Eli

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February 12 2014, 1pm

Thank you for everything, I've sent you a couple asks before and you're always so timely and your responses are so helpful. Thank you so much!

oh this was a wonderful message to wake up to!

You’re very welcome, and i’m glad i was able to help you!! I try my best to be timely, because I know how frustrating it can be  to wait for an answer.

again you’re very welcome, and i hope we can help you in the future!

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February 10 2014, 6pm

Questions, and update

I got a lot of asks just now, so if you don’t see yours don’t worry!

I’ll be answering a few more through out the night, because some of them require i do a bit more research than normal. For right now, I answered what I knew. Thank you all for seeking us for help, and i assure you I will answer your questions as best I can!

Please feel free to send in any questions you have, also I’m willing to do art critiques if anyone needs them. I’ll only be doing up to 4 critiques at a time though, since I tend to take my time, and i’m rather busy.

Also as of right now I seem to be the sole admin for this blog, so I’m sorry for the recent inactivity. I just finished classes, and I will be starting up more schooling within the next month or so. I think in may I will be opening applications for admins, since I feel as if there is a lack of writing/music on this blog(I just draw).

Also, last but not least! I want to start a Submission Sunday prompt. What I would like to have happen is you(the followers) submit any pieces you have. Whether it’s a WiP, finished, a sketch, an photo, a writing challenge, etc. I want to encourage you all to submit more of your works to this blog. If I get enough submissions, i will be able to set up a weekly que for them all. So starting this coming Sunday, I will post a notification to submit your work. I hope this becomes a thing, because it’s always a lot of fun seeing what you all have to offer.

Again, thank you for your support and patience, I will answer a few more asks later tonight.


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February 10 2014, 6pm

Do you know of any blogs that do writing critiques? I've begun a story but no one around me is really interesting in critiquing it, and I kinda feel naked if I don't have somebody criticize my work.

I did a bit of searching of tumblr blogs, and I would suggest you do a bit of looking around through google for sites that offer critiques(just be careful of who you let look at your work).

Here’s a few links, one of them is a list of resources that may help you, the rest are blogs that critique.

Scroll to the bottom of their FAQ, it tells you how to go about requesting a critique from them. Link

Same blog as above, but the resources page. link

This one you have to pay for sadly, i’m not sure you’d be interested, but pitching it anyway. link

This is a blog dedicated to critiques, and matching critique partners together. link

This one uses beta writers, it’s a wall of text by the way. link

Last but not least, this blog is for all around critiques, they do writing as well. link

I hope these help you, and others as well. It was honestly a little tricky trying to find blogs that give critiques. If you need any more help, I highly suggest finding sites dedicated and designed for helping writers.

I’m sorry if this wasn’t much help, I tried my best!


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February 10 2014, 5pm

Do you have any advice for drawing characters that are somewhat see-through?

Putting this under a read more, because I went off on a tangent.

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February 10 2014, 2pm




So my historical costuming resources list from 2011 was less than a page long- I’m not saying that I’ve learned a lot in the past three years, but this list is now sitting pretty at a solid nine pages.  Whew.  And people wonder why I want to redo this damn series.

This list is by no means an exhaustive one- it’s a list of (primarily western) historical fashion resources, both online and offline, that is limited to what I know, own, or use!  It’s a work in progress, and I’m definitely hoping to expand on it as my knowledge base grows.  First things first, how about a little:


  • Read, and read about more than just costuming.  Allowing yourself to understand the cultural and historical context surrounding the clothing of a particular region/period can be invaluable in sussing out good costume design.  Looking at pictures is all well and good, but reading about societal pressures, about construction techniques, daily routines, local symbolism, whatever else will really help you understand the rhyme and reason behind costuming from any given context.
  • Expand your costume vocabulary.  When you’re delving into a new topic, costuming or otherwise, picking up new terminology is essential to proper understanding and furthering your research.  Write down or take note of terms as you come across them- google them, look up synonyms, and use those words as a jumping off point for more research.  What’s a wire rebato?  How does it differ from a supportasse?  Inquiring minds want to know.
  • Double-check your sources.  Especially on the internet, and double especially on tumblr.  I love it, but it’s ground zero for rapidly spreading misinformation.  Books are usually your safest bet, but also take into account their date of publication, who’s writing them- an author’s biases can severely mangle their original source material.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help.  Do everything you can to find out information on your own, but feel free to reach out to people with more specialized areas of knowledge for help!  Be considerate about it- the people you’re asking are busy as well- but a specific line of questioning that proves you’re passionate and that you respect their subject matter expertise can work wonders.

Okay, onto the links!


It’s impossible to overstate the importance of getting off the internet and looking into books!  God bless the internet, but books are (generally, this isn’t a rule) better-researched and better-sourced.  Bibliographies also mean each individual books can be a jumping off point for further research, which is always a fantastic thing.

Remember- owning books is awesome and you should absolutely assemble your own library of resources, but LIBRARIES.  Libraries.  You’ll be surprised to find what books are available to you at your local library.


Patterns fo Fashion books
Detailed, hand-drawn diagrams of historical fashion, inside and out.  Pretty amazing stuff.

Fashion in Detail books
Not what you want if you’re looking for photos of entire costumes- note the “in detail” bit up there.  Just a beautiful series, and great reference for all the little things you might miss otherwise.  The V&A has an amazing fashion collection, and it’s great to see them share it with the world.


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