February 17 2014, 3pm

I sent some asks a while back that were never answered, and i didn't want to say anything in case you were busy but it's frustrating because i feel ignored.

I’m sorry you feel ignored,if you think tumblr might not have sent the asks feel free to send them again. I am somewhat busy, so if i don’t answer your question right away wait a few days. if it isn’t answered by then, then i might be very busy or not have gotten it.

Right now i only have two asks, one about markers another about transition shots. I plan on answering these sometime this week or weekend. they’ve sat in the ask for a few days, because these are topics i’m not very familiar with so i had to ask people who are for answers. I assure you that i will answer them though.

Sorry if those aren’t yours, again if it’s not answered by a week or so then you might want to send it again.

Don’t feel bad for being concerned, i understand why you’d be frustrated, and i’m trying to keep up with my schedule and this blog. Sorry about that!

- Eli

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February 12 2014, 1pm

Thank you for everything, I've sent you a couple asks before and you're always so timely and your responses are so helpful. Thank you so much!

oh this was a wonderful message to wake up to!

You’re very welcome, and i’m glad i was able to help you!! I try my best to be timely, because I know how frustrating it can be  to wait for an answer.

again you’re very welcome, and i hope we can help you in the future!

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